I had the pleasure of attending Aura’s yoga retreat at Solhem in Horslök. A weekend tailored for our group – yoga for body and mind, vegetarian food to nourish our bodies. Nature to bring balance our busy lives. I was blown away by the beauty of the Baltic Sea, the Sarvisalo area, the Horslök village and the wildlife – migrating birds busy preparing for the summer, the deer, the melting ice. Solhem Retreat provided us with a setting and atmosphere that felt just right. Full board, yet it felt like home, although probably from a storybook. Every room was beautifully decorated, and the drawing room, with windows almost the size of the walls, was room full of light!   I really appreciated how smoothly everything ran, wishes regarding the sauna and meal schedule were appreciated. We, yoga retreat attendees also got to choose a special yoga exercise for the last session. Aura wanted to address any questions or concerns anyone might have.

Liz & Tom, Solhem is a gem! Aura, yoga with you is a bliss.
Maria  Kellokumpu – April 2019